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Want to be more active and healthy?

1. Change your habits after getting up
Let each day have an active start, and immediately move after you get up: do yoga, run a lap or go to the gym to exercise, which can wake up various systems in the body and boost energy. If you are not a morning bird and are too lazy to get up early in the morning for a morning run or exercise, then park your car a bit farther when you go to work or (if you are using public transportation) stop one day earlier, and then walk to the office building. This will not only exercise your body, but also allow you to enjoy the fresh morning air for free! Another advantage is: a great way to refresh yourself without drinking tea or coffee…

Man walking

2. Take the stairs
If you want to be more active, then forget about the elevator and take the stairs instead. The advantages of this soil method: more steps, and exercise the thigh and buttocks muscles.

3. Walking for meetings
Have you ever wondered: How long do you have meetings in a day? It was a sitting meeting, right? Even if you don’t know the exact number, you can safely say that you have been sitting for too long. How about a “triggered” meeting or talk: the next time you discuss things with your colleagues, try walking?

4. Stand one stop often!
Did you know that standing on a regular basis is good for weight loss? Studies have shown that a person weighing 65 kg can lose 10 kg in 4 years if they stand for 6 hours a day. (1) This may sound incredible, however, sitting is not conducive to maintaining the correct shape, increasing the risk of injury and offsetting the benefits of exercise.

Man standing at desk

5. To be happy alone, not as good as others
There are many benefits to working out together: If you feel that exercise lacks motivation, then find like-minded people to exercise together. Try going out for a walk with colleagues after lunch, stopping to do 10 push-ups together every hour of work, or running a walk together after get off work… Exercise has no limits

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