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Treadmill vs Running Outdoors: Which One do You Choose?

Exercise indoors will make people feel more comfortable

The main difference between treadmills and outdoor running is still in the running environment. People running outdoors are restricted by the weather. People will not be able to do any outdoor sports in rain, snow or haze; otherwise, summer and winter are also extremely unsuitable for outdoor sports.

Advantages of Treadmills

One of the advantages of treadmills is that in addition to solving the problem of running venues (such as densely populated urban streets that are very unsuitable for running), it can also help runners overcome the interference of all adverse environmental factors outdoors. Secondly, the posture of normal people running on a treadmill is different from that of outdoor running. When people are running outdoors, the road under their feet is dead and does not move. Running uses the reaction force from the ground to generate forward propulsion. The runner’s running posture is correct and does not affect the body’s direction. Moving forward, many beginner runners are easily accustomed to the wrong running posture without the guidance of professional runners. Over time, they may cause irreversible damage to the runner’s knees and waist. And the “ground” of the treadmill is moving, it requires the runner to maintain the correct running posture as much as possible to maintain the balance on the treadmill.

Treadmill is flexible

Another important difference between treadmills and outdoor running is that the conveyor belt of the treadmill is flexible, and it will not be as stiff as many outdoor running roads (this is why more and more stadiums repair rubber tracks). Speaking from the cushioning of running movements, the damage of the elastic road surface to the knee and the foot surface is naturally smaller than that of the ordinary road surface. Generally speaking, the harder the road surface, the greater the impact of the knee when the foot falls.

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