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Novice fitness common 15 misunderstandings, these you hit?

When I first started working out, I thought I could do everything, but I just said, “Fitness, as long as you eat well, practice well, sleep well, you will be in good shape.” So I went to fitness with this belief.

Until now, I realized that I had made a lot of misconceptions that seemed inconspicuous but might actually affect fitness performance. I believe that many people are also making the same mistakes, but maybe I don’t know it.

But don’t worry, in this article, I will introduce 15 common mistakes of novice fitness, and will provide corresponding solutions so that you will not make mistakes.

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1. The more you want, the better
2. Do aerobics before retraining
3. Will always pursue heavy weight
4. You change your entire diet in one go
5. Just look forward to what supplements can do for you
6. Focus only on big goals
7. Not tracking progress
8. Not doing warm-ups and relaxing muscles after training
9. Not having a good training plan
10. No habits other than fitness
11. Only use machinery to lift weights
12. Ignore multi-joint movements
13. You always use light weight
14. Failure to drink water in time
15. Dare to ask for help
1. The more you want, the better
The more you want to do, the better
Some people immediately look for more training as soon as they start working out. Spending more time on training may seem to help you reach your fitness goals. But under normal circumstances, not only a lot of time is wasted, but the more you do it, the more you get tired, and the signs of overtraining appear.

Although when you first start exercising, your body will respond positively to any stimulation. But if you try to force it to do too much at once, you will soon be injured. Because at this time your body, time and attention duration can only handle so much.

Pursue quality rather than quantity. Choose a reasonable plan. If you need some guidance, find a plan and follow it as much as possible.

In addition, do not spend more than 90 minutes in the gym at a time, that is, 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you become more and more irritable, it is easy to give up halfway.

2. Do aerobics before retraining
Think that doing more aerobic exercise can reduce fat
Many people think that if you want to lose weight, you should do more aerobics so that you can lose weight faster. So they choose to do a lot of aerobics before exercising, wanting to say that they can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

But in fact, the two exercise modes are completely different. If you do retraining before getting aerobic, it will consume your weightlifting performance, and it will be very tiring to get half done.

And when you do more aerobics, you are actually consuming muscle mass, and you will get more and more regressive, so there is no benefit to doing too much aerobics, and you have to do it in moderation. .

1. Retrain first, then do aerobics. But the aerobic time can not be too long, about 10~15 minutes is enough

2. Separate aerobic and heavy training, that is, 5 days of fitness, and the remaining 2 days of aerobics. This can not only improve your fitness performance, but also reduce fatigue, and you can use your time effectively to do other things

3. Use HIIT instead of long-term low-intensity aerobics. In terms of scheduling, I also recommend doing it after retraining or on rest days. Although it can save time, it consumes a lot of time, which is counterproductive when placed before retraining.

If you still don’t know how to do HIIT, I have an article about how to perform HIIT correctly.

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3. Will always pursue heavy weight
Will always pursue heavy weight
I know that many boys want to lift heavier so that they can appear very powerful and worthy of their self-esteem.

But if you haven’t fully grasped the main points of this action, and you are constantly comparing with others, you are just begging for injury

Therefore, it is best to perform weightlifting exercises in the correct posture, which is the safest way. Otherwise, once injured, it is not clear whether you can continue practicing.

Let go of your self-esteem, ignore the mockery of others, and focus only on your own growth process, not the result.

If you really can’t hold the weight, then reduce the weight until you can do it. Feel the muscles working every time you do it, and treat your training as an exercise, because this is training.

Don’t just pay attention to how many times you take, but how many times you can do it and whether your muscles are working correctly.

4. You change your entire diet in one go
Change your entire diet in one go
Some people are too anxious to see results, so they change their original diet all at once and directly replace their original diet with other diets.

This is not bad. It just means that you will be under a lot of pressure during the process. After all, you have to abandon your dietary habits for decades. It is impossible to change it all at once, so you will only give up quickly.

You can start by cultivating the habit of eating healthy food. For example, you can only eat one healthy meal at first, and then change your diet step by step.

Wait until it gradually becomes a habit and you begin to adapt to this state, and then you start to switch to other diets.

5. Just look forward to what supplements can do for you
I only look forward to what supplements can do for you
Many people rely on supplements so much that they don’t need to prepare healthy meals when they first start to exercise.

However, the nutritional content of supplements is limited after all. Some of the micronutrients in them are not more than chicken breast, so it is better to combine the two together.

You can look for foods rich in protein that you like very much, such as chicken breast, eggs, beef, etc., add them to your diet menu, and use supplements to get a comparison More nutrition works for your body.

If you don’t know what to choose, I have made an article on how to plan the cheapest diet plan. There are detailed instructions.

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