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Five essential movements of chest muscles and their explanation

1. Barbell plate horizontal push

When doing flat bed push, the barbell is located above the chest, and the shoulder is fully contracted. When you pull down or push up the weight, imagine yourself trying to push your two hands together to increase the tension on your chest. Pay attention to the shoulder should not be too forward, otherwise it is easy to be injured. If necessary, adjust on the middle or top of the action;

2. Upward inclined dumbbell bench press

The key to the practice of the upper oblique horizontal push is to take different pushing angles to stimulate different muscle fibers. Try to keep the shoulders back. If you can’t feel the compression of the chest at the top of the movement, use relatively light weight-bearing under the premise of maintaining the tension on the chest to maximize the sports benefits. In addition, at the bottom of the action, try to close the elbows, as if to let the elbows touch each other, which can promote the contraction of the top;

3. Bird flying on the upper inclined pulley

In this sport, because the pulley will pull both hands apart, it can maintain the tension at the top of the action, while the traditional dumbbell bird’s weight is directly pulled down through the arm, which will cause the top to relax. Keep your shoulders as far back as possible and squeeze at the top of the action. When the weight is driven down, the elbow is slightly bent to relieve the tension on the shoulder. When bringing back the handle upward, straighten the arm as far as possible and close the elbow;

4. Downward inclined dumbbell bench press

Compared with barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press can provide a larger range of motion and bring better contraction. The oblique trunk angle makes the shoulder difficult to move forward, which is more conducive to chest contraction, and has certain exercise effect on the external chest and lower chest;

5. Standing pulley bird

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