*There is an exclusive distributor in my area, can I still buy directly from MIUSOUL?
Yes, MIUSOUL proudly supports all our retail partners and encourages every customer to use any option they choose and buy where they feel most comfortable. You can buy it through our official website www.miusoul.com.
*I need technical assistance with my only fitness equipment, who service should I contact?
You should contact our technical staff directly, please send an email to [email protected] Fill in your question or take a picture, our technical staff will reply you as soon as possible to help solve the installation/use problem of fitness equipment
*What if my fitness equipment needs replacement parts?
1. If you are not within the warranty period and you need parts for the equipment, you can directly purchase the replacement parts department from www.miusoul.com.
2. If your product is within the warranty period, practice our technical service department, we will send the equipment parts to you
*What information should I prepare for MIUSOUL service department?
To help you better, please provide the model and serial number of your fitness equipment, as well as your name, phone number, address and a brief description of the problem. This information is a required form in the only service request.
*Where is the serial number on my only device?
Your serial number is located on the lower front base of the treadmill and is printed on a sticker. Please provide all the numbers and/or letters printed on this sticker. Example –56388606060024RV-00.
*Do I need to perform general maintenance on my treadmill or spinning bike?
If you have a treadmill, use a soft damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the edge of the belt and the area between the edge of the belt and the frame. This should be done once a month to extend the life of the belt and bed. Use only water-do not use cleaners or abrasives. A mild soap and water solution and a nylon scrub brush will clean the textured top. Dry before use.