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HORIZONTAL BAR: All-round fitness equipment

1. The spine can be adjusted by hanging the horizontal bar
2. Hanging the horizontal bar helps to grow taller
3. Hanging a horizontal bar can cure bone spurs

The benefits of practicing horizontal bars

One: Relieve waist and leg pain
Two: increase the flexibility of the body
Three: build muscle
Four: help grow taller


Sometimes working out at home is more convenient than going to a crowded, sweaty gym. If you agree with this point of view, buy some dumbbells at home to exercise your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest muscles!

1.Exercise your chest muscles
2.Exercise back muscles
3.Exercise your shoulders
4.Exercise biceps
5.Exercise triceps
6.Exercise lower limbs


FOR FAMILY HEALTH: BUY A DUMBBELLS: Home fitness first choice

Want to exercise but find it difficult to go to the gym? Home is far from the gym, commuting takes a lot of time?
Then you can try to build your own home gym. With simple fitness equipment, you can practice at any time, increase the convenience of training, and save the expensive membership fees of the gym, so as to achieve the same effect as the gym!

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